Hi there!

My name is Keerti Pandey and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Materials Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru.



I joined IISc in July 2017 and work with Prof. Atul Chokshi. My work is primarily related to mechanical behaviour in materials.

I have taken courses on Phase Transformations, Thermodynamics, Defects in Materials, Materials Characterization and Electron Microscopy (phew!)


Before I joined IISc, I worked on a few independent projects. I partnered with Unacademy to create a course on Indian Economy.

I also worked for a manufacturing retail giant with their automation project. I used some of the skills I picked up at KPMG to automate the finance and accounting workflow and set up dashboards on their company Google Docs cloud.


My work at KPMG involved working on a lot of spreasheets, talking to a lot of people across timezones and travelling. I worked in Risk Consulting as an Analyst for over a year.

I have worked with clients in Investment Banking, Intellectual Property Rights, Information Processing for Financial Markets, Materials Technology and VC firms.


Art and Craft

I can make butterflies, lamps, stars and trees out of paper (*ahem* irony! *ahem*). I am not trained in Origami professionally, but picked it up from different places on the internet

I love dancing. I admire classical dance forms (especially Bharatnatyam and Mohiniaatam) but can dance only in contemporary styles. I have also trained with the Bhangra group here at IISc (burrraahh!).

Trekking, Travel etc.

Travel had been on my mind since long time, but it is only now that I find time to pursue it actively. Photography comes as a natural extension to travel, but I am not much of a photographer. I am working on my composition skills for now. My primary gear currently is a Nikon D3400 with the standard 18-55 lens.

Not at all an avid reader, but just a somewhat interested one. I tried a few 10K and 21K runs before my leg asked me to stop. Recently, I learned swimming and started listening to podcasts.


I have a LinkedIn and Quora account but I don't use these frequently. If you'd like to have a word with me you can reach out to me on email.

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